Recruiting Dashboard FAQ

How does the dashboard help?

Getting noticed by college coaches all starts with contacting them. Email is the most efficient and effective way to get in touch with the programs you want to join, and our dashboard contains the email addresses of every NCAA coach. Looking up the email addresses of every coach in every program you're interested in is extremely time-consuming. If you're casting a wide net, as we recommend, using our dashboard can literally save you hours upon hours. On top of that, we provide other features that allow you to organize your entire recruiting process. For example, you can filter programs by division, location, conference, etc. to find the schools that are the best fit for you. Utilize our suggested fillable fields to prioritize your choices, note the programs that will be at each of your showcases, and track your communication.

How much does your dashboard cost?

Individual - $29.99 (1 license) Team - $99.99 (20 licenses) Club - $299.99 (100 licenses) We sell men's and women's dashboards separately.

How do I get my list once I purchase it?

You'll receive a download link on your order confirmation page and in your order confirmation email. The link is good for 30 days, so make sure you download the file right away!

How do I use my dashboard?

On the second tab of each dashboard, we provide extensive instructions on how to use it.

Can I share my dashboard with others?

No. Our data is licensed to protect the hard work we use to collect and maintain it. Each purchase can only be used by one person.

What format does the dashboard come in?

The Dashboard is in .xlsx format. If you don't have MS Excel, contact us to discuss alternative options.

What information is included in your dashboard?

We sell a men's dashboard and a women's dashboard. In each one, we include the following information for every NCAA Division I, II & III program: - school name - division - conference - city & state - each coach's name & position - each coach's email address - suggested fields to track your recruiting process - customizable fields to personalize your pathway