8 Things to Include in Every Email to a College Coach

Why is Emailing College Coaches So important?

You’re going to showcases with hundreds of college coaches in attendance, and you plan on going to ID camps to play in front of tens of coaches. Heck, you might have already seen college coaches on the sidelines of your games! So why should you take the time and effort to email them?

If you couldn’t tell by our name, we believe contacting coaches is a CRUCIAL part of the College Recruiting Pathway! It’s step three along the Pathway and the first step in the Exposure Cycle, which is where you’ll spend most of your time.

You see, you’re not alone. The college recruiting process is competitive! There are tens of thousands of players out there who want to play college soccer, just like you. Each college coach can only watch a small fraction of you all play.

When a coach goes to watch a game at a showcase tournament or an ID camp, he/she has certain players in mind to watch. Which players? The ones who emailed! Why would coaches waste their time evaluating players who may or may not be interested in their college?

So...long story short, if you want to get recruited, you need to email college coaches!

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8 Things to Include in Every Email to a College Coach

Since so many players want to play college soccer, college coaches get so many emails! They spend a lot of time in their inbox, sifting through emails, making notes, and trying to determine which players are most worthwhile evaluating.

What does that mean for you? Make it easy for them! By including these eight things in all of your emails, college coaches will have everything they need to (a) determine if you’re worth evaluating in person and (b) where to evaluate you in person.

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8 Things to Include in Every Email to a College Coach

  1. First & Last Name

  2. Grad Year & High School

  3. Team Name & Age Group

  4. Link to Highlight Video

  5. Position(s)

  6. GPA

  7. SAT/ACT/PSAT Scores

  8. Upcoming Showcase Schedule

#1 First & Last Name

This one may sound silly and obvious, but believe me! As a former college coach, I can’t tell you how many emails I received that didn’t include this basic information.

Chances are, the coach you’re emailing has gotten emails from someone else with the same first name as you, and even the same last name. Include both names in multiple places to make it recognizable for coaches over time.

Remember, you’re making it as easy as possible for college coaches to identify you.

#2 Grad Year & High School

This information will determine whether or not certain coaches will reply to your emails. If you’ve read our blog post on NCAA rules, then you know, in some cases, college coaches are restricted from emailing prospective student-athletes based on what grade they’re in.

Rather than saying you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior, list your grad year (the year you’ll graduate high school). College coaches organize their recruiting into grad years - you’ll hear them speak in those terms rather than what grade players are in.

Since you’re listing your grad year, you might as well include your high school name as well. You never know...the coach may have some sort of history or connection with your school. Maybe they’ve recruited players from there before!

#3 Team Name & Age Group

Again, this one may seem like a no-brainer, but after you’ve traded a few emails with a particular coach, you might think he/she knows exactly who you are. Keep in mind that college coaches are dealing with hundreds of emails. They might vaguely recognize your name, but when you pair it with your club team and age group, they’ll be more likely to know exactly who you are.

The age group part is important - don’t leave it out. If a coach is looking for your team on a tournament schedule or online database, he/she needs that information.

#4 Link to Highlight Video

What’s the easiest, quickest way for a college coach to evaluate you? Your highlight video. What’s the easiest, quickest way for a college coach to remind him/herself who you are? Your highlight video.

While it’s extremely rare to get recruited solely off a highlight video, it makes a huge difference. Include your link in every email to increase the chances of getting it seen and coaches remembering who you are.

If you don’t have a highlight video, check out our unique service. Who knows what college coaches want to see better than former college coaches?

#5 Position(s)

The position(s) you play will have a massive impact on your recruiting process. Most coaches identify needs for each of their recruiting classes, so they want to know where you play. It’s also another easy way for them to classify you and make you more recognizable.

#6 GPA

Every college has academic requirements for admission. If your GPA isn’t up to par at a particular school, then that coach isn’t going to waste his/her time, and he/she will likely respond to let you know that you shouldn’t waste yours.

On the other hand, if your GPA is well above the average at a certain school, that coach may be more inclined to watch you play. After all, you’ll be more likely to qualify for academic scholarships, and the coach won’t have to negotiate with the admissions department to get you into the school.

#7 SAT/ACT/PSAT Scores

The reasoning for including your test scores is the same as your GPA. You may be asking, “But what if I haven’t taken any of those tests yet?” or “What if I did poorly?”.

If you haven’t taken the SAT, ACT, or PSAT yet, then just include your plans on when you will take one of them. We recommend taking the SAT or ACT your sophomore year. Doing so will not only allow you to tell coaches your score, but it will also give you a baseline, tell you what you need to improve, and allow you plenty of time to improve.

If you aren’t proud of your score, still include it in your emails, but also mention your plans to take the test again and outline what you’re doing to improve your score.

#8 Upcoming Showcase Schedule

The main reason you should email college coaches is so they come watch you play. So... make sure you tell them when and where they can see you play!

By including your upcoming showcase tournaments and ID camps in every email, coaches will always know the next opportunity they’ll have to evaluate you. If you’re emailing them about a specific showcase, include your team’s game schedule in the email as well.


To maximize your chances of getting recruited by your dream school, make it as easy as possible for its coaches to recruit you! Include these eight things in every email:

  1. First & Last Name

  2. Grad Year & High School

  3. Team Name & Age Group

  4. Link to Highlight Video

  5. Position(s)

  6. GPA

  7. SAT/ACT/PSAT Scores

  8. Upcoming Showcase Schedule

PRO TIP: Include all 8 things in the signature of your email!

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